Sunday, October 17, 2010

tik tik tik , pukul DUABELAS :)

BABY !! BABY !! 
happy birthday to you ,
happy birthday to you ,
happy birthday to you sweetheart , 
happy birthday to you 

baby  , 
i wish you  all the best in life and 
hope you'll be a bettr person  from day to day ,
alwys stick in heart tht i'll always  you ,
alwys trust me  tht you're the only one in my heart :-*
saya sayang awak budak comel :)

ini birthday prznt  awkk , *kat new post*
sorry  tak dpt celb birthday awk ,
sy ad final exam  ,
nnti lps final kite date  okey sweetheart :)

and kalaw awk ingt  , 1st cmnt awk hntr kat sy  18 oktober 2009 ,
mksdnye  ,

video ini aje yg sy  buleh bg kat awk skrg ini
hope awk  suke bie 

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