Wednesday, August 10, 2011

no more love story ..

for so long  we didn't update  our blog ,

what's on your mind ?
we broke up ?
yes people , we broke up .

we broke up  on our one year and five months  anniversary
but yet , promise  is a promise !
we promised each other 
to be right by each  other's side 
no matter what happened 

we are no  longer together ,
but  we take care of  each other ,
like  we did for the past one year  plus .

yes we  each other ,
 it doesn't  mean when you love someone ,
you  need to be with  that person ,
letting that person  you  love 
happy  with their own life ,
even if it's not you  in the picture ,
mean much  more than being in the picture 
but the person you love is  unhappy .

we're  much better  this way 
and we are much  happier .
we have  no relationship between us
no more love story 
we share more  things together,
we even talk about our  new partner ,
this  is the new us .

pink is on her way  with another guy now ,
while kechik  is still looking for a  new princess ,
but whatever happened , 
we'll  always stay this way 

we choose to stop our  story
because ..
everything is  written .
if it's written  there we are meant to be together ,
someday we'll get  marry ,
but  for now ,
we are just soul-mate 

with love ,

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